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Transportation and Marine

The transportation and marine industries experience unique challenges when it comes to providing safe and healthy spaces for staff and passengers alike.

Common to public transportation and marine operations is the reality that people spend considerable time in closer quarters. Public transit sees a significant turnover of people over in short time frames, and the marine industry experiences unique challenges when it comes to healthy spaces for crew and passengers. Close quarters on vessels and public transport allow the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs to spread rapidly, resulting in sick staff and passengers and a reduction in an operational capacity.

We provide a unique and innovative solution to meet these challenges. Our systems are compact and thus an ideal solution for areas where space is at a premium. Solutions exist for busses, subways, and confined areas on vessels. Our solutions are proven to integrate well with shipboard (HVAC) air handling systems on larger marine vessels and smaller fishing vessels.

Our Systems can be installed in 

  • HVAC systems that service crew quarters and bridges
  • Galley areas and provision coolers
  • Common passenger areas
  • Public busses and subways
  • Public and private airplane cabins
  • Anywhere the protection of your staff and customers is required.

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