ActivePure Unit Proven to Kill Covid-19  

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Restaurants & Hospitality

PFS offers a range of low maintenance, easily installed products that strengthen the reassurance you can provide your staff and customers by killing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes on surfaces, and by removing them from the air.

PFS Health Solutions understands that the restaurant and hospitality industry succeeds by creating positive experiences that engage all the senses. As people become increasingly mindful of harmful germs and the transmission of viruses, positive experiences are shaped by knowing their environment is clean and safe.

When coupled with industry-standard cleaning practices, operators can genuinely provide a higher level of health protection, and assurance to both staff and customers. Ask about our full line of ActiveTek® Solutions and our installation and service capabilities.

     Our Systems can be installed in 

  • Kitchens, service, and staff areas
  • Dining and bar areas 
  • Takeout, waiting areas and drive-through window areas 
  • Lobbies and guest rooms
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Anywhere the protection of your staff and customers is required

Call Us:  709.689.3374   | 709.325.7873
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