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Commercial and Institutional

People spend as many of their waking hours at work as they do at home. The quality of the air they breath and the healthiness of these spaces are factors that significantly impact health, attitudes, and productivity. As we all cope with a new normal, employers need to find new ways to mitigate health risks for their employees and customers. 

PFS offers a full range of automated chemical-free systems that continuously clean the air and disinfect surfaces 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our systems are effective at destroying RNA and DNA viruses and bacteria such as Influenza, H1N1, Staph, H5N8, Strep, MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, and many more.

Our systems do not just provide air and surface purification to businesses; it also allows reassurance to their staff and customers that the business they frequent is proactively acting to provide the safest and healthiest space possible.  When combined with industry-standard cleaning, our clients significantly increase their level of health and safety protection.

A valuable addition to any workplace area, ActivePure® technology is a particularly useful risk mitigation solution in between the expected thorough purifying of all areas of your business. 

Our Systems can be installed in 

  • Offices and retail locations
  • Manufacturing, processing and recycling facilities
  • High traffic and lobby areas
  • Medical and dental clinics
  • Grocery stores and food storage facilities
  • Anywhere the protection of your staff and customers is required

Call Us:  709.689.3374   | 709.325.7873
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