ActivePure Unit Proven to Kill Covid-19  

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ActivePure® technology is not only good for your health; it is good for business. There has never been a more important time to reassure employees and clients that your business is a safe and healthy place to visit. Our technology can provide your customers and staff this reassurance.

                      Assurance  = Confidence  =  Business Continuity  =  Business Growth 

How can ActivePure® technology impact your health and your business?

Health Benefits

Reduces exposure to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens

Safe chemical and ozone free air and surface purification

Protection from allergy and asthma respitory trigger contaminants

Mold and mildew control

Fresher air and odor control

Feel physically better and more productive

Sleep better

Benefits for your Business

Reassures staff and clients that your business is a healthy place to work and visit

Reduction in sick days due to colds flus and other seasonal outbreaks

Healthy spaces improve productivity and attitude

24/7 continious disinfection

Easily installed and cost effective

Low maintenace costs

Controls odors

Call Us:  709.689.3374   | 709.325.7873
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