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Local Company Delivering Innovative Air and Surface Purification Technology to Help Businesses adapt to a New Normal

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May 21, 2020

St. John’s, NL – PFS Health Solutions was established in 2018 by two veterans of the marketing and food service industry, who were originally looking to find solutions for premature food spoilage and mold issues in produce coolers. In the process, Gerry Riggs and Des Walsh found ActivePure®,  a technology that offered a whole lot more; not only to the food service industry but any organization concerned about air quality, odor control and reducing the risk of the spread of harmful pathogens in the workplace.  As operators in all sectors prepare for what the new normal will look like coming out of the present COVID-19 pandemic, PFS Health Solutions has been busy fielding questions and delivering product. 

“It has never been more important to have access to clean and healthy work and service environments.” said Des Walsh, President and CEO, PFS Health Solutions. “When coupled with established standards for cleaning, ActivePure® technology enables an organization to add an extra layer of protection for staff and customers, which works 24/7, in between cleanings, to rapidly neutralize pathogen; substantially reducing their ability to spread.”

ActivePure®’s technology is rooted in a solution originally developed by NASA to reduce the premature decay of plants during experiments on the space station.  It was later acquired from NASA by AERUS who invested heavily to create a wide range of commercial and residential products. What differentiates these products from traditional air filtration systems is that they not only clean the air passing through them, but they “actively” emit harmless and purifying plasma that continue to attack and destroy contaminants in the air and on surfaces. 

“Testing has demonstrated that ActivePure® technology quickly destroys contaminants such as fungi, mold and harmful viruses and bacteria including strep, staph, E- coli, listeria, swine flu (H1N1), avian bird flu, norovirus, and others,” says Walsh.

Most recently, PFS has enjoyed success on two significant fronts. They have signed and are busy executing on a contract with a local franchisee of a large international quick-serve restaurant chain, with multiple establishments in the St. John’s region. Additionally, Atlantic Towing has installed the ActivePure® technology on all of their offshore support vessels. 


“This particular restaurant owner purchased several of our units , adding an extra level of commitment and assurance to employees and customers that food preparation and drive thru areas were safe and clean during a time of great concern,” stated Gerry Riggs, Vice President, PFS Health Solutions. 

In the case of Atlantic Towing, their motivations were slightly different and led to an implementation just weeks ahead of the current COVID-19 crisis.  

“We have crews that work in close quarters for extended periods of time and it is therefore easier to pass on harmful bugs.  Improving the air quality on our vessels with the added ability to kill harmful viruses and bacteria on surfaces was very appealing to us. We tested it out on the Atlantic Hawk and after favorable feedback from the crew members, arrangements were made to have the units installed in all 13 of our offshore support vessels. Our employees are our greatest asset; improving working conditions and making employees and passengers that much safer is always a wise investment,” noted Tom Swift, Manager, Offshore Fleet Operations at Atlantic Towing Limited.  

Testing has shown that harmful bacteria and viruses that can persist on certain surfaces for up to 48 hours can be reduced by greater than 95% in just two hours, and in some cases even faster. 

“There are so many businesses and organizations that can avail of this technology to bolster health and safety and offer peace-of-mind to employees and consumers as they return to familiar surroundings.  Again, we want to be very clear that ActivePure® technology should not be considered as a substitute for cleaning, social distancing, or regular hand washing,” said Walsh.  “What we can say is that ActivePure® is being used in hotels, waiting rooms, schools, on trains and other high traffic, high turnover areas for extra protection.”  

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About PFS Health Solutions 

The PFS Health Solutions team has over 30 years of collective experience in commercial business operations, project management and food safety.  The company offers a complete line of commercial and industrial air and surface purification systems which use proprietary ActivePure® technology that kills pathogens, viruses and bacteria. It is a safe, chemical free technology offered in compact stand-alone or easily installed models. These systems are cost effective and because they operate 24/7 means they continuously provide an additional layer of health protection.

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